How I keep bumping into the Divine Feminine lately.

I had an appointment at Circle of Wisdom’s, a metaphysical bookstore I’ve been frequenting since the 80’s, 90’s? It’s been a long time. While I waited, I browsed, found a couple of books that interested me and brought them up to the counter for purchase. The staff member commented that one of them was her personal favorite and that she taught a course on the sacred feminine through the goddesses, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Isis. My antenna went up. I found it interesting she was teaching material I was attempting to incorporate into my writing. Where she used the mythological archetypes, I was expressing those aspects through the actions of everyday women. And men.

I was there because a friend of mine had a reading there that had given her some good information so I figured I’d give her an opportunity to wow me. It was an interesting meeting. We moved through the basics, daggers suggesting struggles, business opportunities, my writing life, and she pretty much confirmed where I’d been and where I was going. She suggested I host a book reading, and after a pause, asked, “were you a teacher?” When I responded in the affirmative, she said that I should be teaching the Divine Feminine to others because I understand its meaning, and I live it. And the course shouldn’t be open only to women, but to men as well. Very few understand the true meaning of the energy force and how important it is to humanity. Is has nothing to do with gender or sex. It has to do with balancing the feminine and masculine within us. And we all have both aspects, expressing the one we need given the situation. We can nurture, as mother or father, we can reason whether man or woman. Logic, focus, action-oriented are masculine energies. Intuition, empathy and receptiveness are feminine. They are energies, not specific traits assigned to gender. They live within all of us. If we utilize only one of these powerful forces, we become unbalanced in our approach to life, desensitized to human suffering, and fixed in a mindset that is neither collaborative or reflective. If society expresses one to the exclusion of the other, stability is compromised, and humanity tumbles into an abyss. We seem to be on that precipice today. Maybe that’s why it’s imperative the Divine Feminine within be honored again. It has been buried, ignored or outright refuted but it is an intricate part of who we are. Life, both realistically and metaphorically, cannot be created without the communion of both forces.

My visit to Circles got me thinking about the synchronicity here. If there were signs pointing me in the right direction, I had come upon two of them. My new series was thought out, planned, strategized and put into play late last year. And it encompasses the energies, elements, archetypes, and contrasts that exist within all of us. Everyday Goddesses. Goddesses every day.

It’s not so much the year of the woman, but the year where we need to seek out and assimilate that which she represents. My purpose, in writing my series, is to make this clear. I know it will make us a kinder, gentler nation.

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