The series I’m knee deep in, is based on the beautiful, whacky, wonderful, crazy, idea of women’s friendship. As one of my goddesses says…Her friends make sure to straighten her crown without letting the world know it’s crooked. It’s powerful, enduring, non-competitve, loving, nurturing and what we all need in our lives.

When ruminating on who, what, when, where and why, constructing the basis of the series in my head, I wanted to pull in all forms of goddess. The maiden, mother, crone and a fourth, because there are after all four quarters, the Queen. The four elements, fire, air, water and earth. Symbols like the labyrinth, spiral, egg, ankh, lioness, tree, and more ancient forms that represent the Divine feminine. For this reason, I decided to write about eight women, and as one of my heroines states, with the possibility of expanding it to thirteen to complete the moon’s yearly cycle.

It all takes place in the town of Eden… where a cafe owner, army vet, judge, forensics specialist, nursery owner, family advocate, librarian/storyteller and empath who owns and manages a horse stable encourages and supports each other during the ups and downs.

And of course there’s a little bit of magic and romance thrown into the mix.

The goal was to delve more deeply into my earlier involvement with the goddess. I spent a year or more reading everything I could on the sacred feminine and why it’s important that we bring her back into consciousness. We, all a part of humankind, need to bring balance to that which has become partisan. (In other words shift away from complete and total patriarchy and sprinkle seeds of matriarchy into the now fallow ground.) It takes both genders to create life, and it takes both genders to create harmony. A forgotten memory or a buried one.

Rhea, Gwenhwyfar, Minerva, Cerridwen, Inanna, Brigid, Lilith, and Hina, all real goddesses who carry within an aspect of who we are. They represent light and darkness, life and death, earth, air, fire, water, intelligence, empathy, nurturing, warmongering, healer, warrior, emotion, stoicism, and so much more- all aspects of all women everywhere. We are immanent and transcendent. The potential for all things exists within us.

We need to remember that we are all everyday goddesses, innocent, wise, young, old, childbearing, menopausal and have the power to change the world just by tipping the scales and owning it.










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