I have a new website page and I am excited for all of you to see it. The wine’s gone, and in its place is a coffee cup…much more me. (I spend a couple of hours everyday at KJ’s Caffe) The typewriter remains. My son gave me a ceramic model in my Christmas stocking, after I told him it was my dream and it has become a symbol of my writing life. The crumpled paper signifies how much editing is needed when you give your all to a story. Some days it flows as effortlessly as lava, some days it doesn’t flow at all. Those are the days I keep reminding myself to stay at the page and keep typing. There is usually something worthwhile that comes from it and that’s the part you save and build on.

My partner in this endeavor is wonderful and I feel like I’ve connected with a kindred spirit. She’s awesome to work with and is becoming a friend. If you’re looking for tech support, give Colleen at Stargazer Sales a call. You won’t regret it.

I had supper with a friend of mine last night who made some suggestions about blog content and I’m going to give one of them a try. My books are written around relationships. Women friendships, male bonding, family interactions, and characters who grow along the way.

We all need connections, harmony and support. I receive  that from my friends, and my family is an integral part of my life. These are the personal spaces from which I draw my inspiration when developing characters. The Scalera’s are Italian, and many of the stories within the stories come from my own experiences. Sunday dinners, Italian sticks and cannoli, cavatelli, red sauce, braciola, and a matriarch who holds the family together. The Woodley and Fisher law firm was built by strong women with causes, with expertise, with heart. It is the deep friendship between them that propels the series and is the foundation for their successes.

I’m in the process of delving into baseball, the players and the women who come into their lives. It’s more about those relationships than the sport itself but the boys of summer have been a part of my life since I was a kid and I thought it would be fun to create histories for the Greenliners, an imaginary team making a run for the World Series.

As you can see on my website, the second book League of Her Own will be out sometime next month.



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