is the name of a book I read years back when I was reading all things goddess. It seems I’ve spiraled back to my interest, becoming engrossed in another round of books and articles on the topic.

It keeps dragging me away from the page I’m supposed to be writing on, as I pull out my character charts jotting down notes for those imaginary women I’m designing, each based on an element of earth, fire, air and water, encapsulated in one of the female archetypes defined by Jung. Who are they? How were they wounded? Are they mother? Maiden? Thinker, doer, feeler? I love this part of the process and I’ve given myself the challenge of developing eight heroines who are involved in goddess warrior training.

I’ve even named them accordingly; Rhea, Gwenhwyfar, Minerva, Cerridwen, Inanna, Brigit, Hecate, and Hina, wanting to cover the spectrum of Irish, Greek, Sumerian, and Hawaiian. There were so many others I could have included but I had to whittle it down…

My heroines will live in today’s world, with jobs that speak to the attributes assigned by the zodiac, astrology broken up into those four elemental states of matter.

In addition to the written novels, I will also be including a short piece on women who have lived their lives wearing the cloak of goddess: women such as Gertrude Bell, Wangari Maathai, Jane Goodall, and even Beyoncé. It will hopefully support the theory that an archetype is a primordial aspect of our being. Whether myth or reality, women have the potential to bring strength and truth to every experience, and push through the boundaries that confine them.

It’s a daunting undertaking but one I am approaching with curiosity and excitement.

I’ve yet to come up with a name for the series, but the one that keeps popping up, due to the small town where they live, is: Women of Eden.

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