Which makes it a great day for me to figure put where I’m going next.

There are two series swirling in my mind and as I’m more than half-way through Finding Joy, I’ve begun developing characters for each of the them. The problem is I don’t know which to dig into first.

I want to add to Thrown for a Curve, and this may be the most opportune time for that. Trades are happening in the league now and where Enrique dos Santos is in talks to be traded to the Greenliners, I can follow the up-to-date baseball news and incorporate it into the storyline. He is currently the short stop for New York, but would love nothing better than to play with his brother-in-law, Crackerjack Jackson, the ace of the team. There’d be three or four books to follow.

The other choice would involve one of my passions. It would revolve around eight women, friendship, and the goddess archetype. Several years ago, when I was reading voraciously about the evolution of the goddess, I began to write about current day women who fit the mold. They were women who’d won the Nobel prize for peace in Northern Ireland, Jane Goodall, and Wangari Maathai who planted trees in Africa, empowering women and sustaining the earth, to name a few. The strength that women bring to any endeavor gets lost today, as it has in the past. There’s a reason for the term history…it’s the story of men…(his story). There’s no time like the present to begin to change things to encompass her story, as well.

As I started filling in the character charts for Fiona “Fifi”, the female lead in the Enrique story, I got caught up in a thread that I thought better suited to one of my goddess women. And since then I waffle back and forth, wishing I could attend to both at the same time.

If you have any thoughts regarding my dilemma, please share them with me. I’d love to know where the interest is. I might not be making my mind up today, after all.


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