Good morning:

I’ve been having some issues with my word press blog. I can’t seem to access it through my website anymore and I’ve wasted precious time trying to get it to work.

This morning, on a whim, I dragged out my back-up computer, the one I use for games and twitter and found I could access my blog just fine. I’ll be using this one for the foreseeable future.

Just to catch you up on what I’ve been working on…

I have the edited version of Tendrils of Ice awaiting my revisions, and have the last novel in the Fire and Ice series, Rekindling the Fire, ready for the editor, who’ll take it on later this month.

I finished the second draft of Coming Home to You, the fourth book in my Scalera Family series and have been jotting down lots of notes for character development for the last one, entitled Not In This Lifetime. 

I’ve also pulled an unfinished draft out of my storage vault, and have begun some revisions. I can’t believe this time last year I was still abusing point of view so badly and I’ll have to re-stitch the whole thing all over again to get it moving in a better flow.

So in essence, I’ve been busy.

I’ve also been rethinking the idea of self-publishing. For as much as I like the freedom, I think I might like an increase in sales even more. I’ll be spending some time over the next week or two drafting letters to literary agents, see where it goes, let the universe kind of take it from there.

The sun is out today, which is a nice change from the pelting rains we’ve been dealing with in this part of the world. It’s a good day for research and I’ll be burrowing down with a couple of books in search of Joy’s childhood. (The female lead in NITL) I have a basic idea of her background, but I have to pin it down with better detail before I begin.

Hope the day is a fun-filled one. Mine looks to be promising.


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