…it wasn’t so hot here. Humidity is a killer and doesn’t do a lot for one’s creativity. The fans blowing, but the a/c in the family room beckons. I think I’ll spend the next few days camped out there, reading or rereading some of my favorite books. I’m binging now on J.D. Robb’s Death series and I’ve still got twenty-odd more to go.

I’ve been writing non-stop for a couple of years, the stories worked out in my head before I even sit at the blank first page. This latest book is coming slowly and although I thought I’d figured out where the missing piece was, this morning’s number count is still low for where I want it to be.

I love Mia and Nate but their story is different than the one’s that came before. It’s easy to write about a new love, a couple who hate each other’s guts at first, a life-time friendship that’s turning the page, a spy in from out of the cold. The Fishers are years into their marriage and because of some life circumstances the passion seems to be burning out. Or rather they are. I still need a hook that I haven’t found yet and I’m giving them some space to tell me what it is. It shouldn’t take long. It never does.


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