…over a month ago to be exact, I blogged my most recent post. But I’m back after having spent months on life’s little pleasures…daily tasks that seem to take over: eye exams, dentist and doctor’s visits, (I fractured two of my ribs while walking the dog), tests to determine said fractures, personal training sessions, (that did nothing to help the ribs heal), and some volunteer work at the Y.

My down time has been spent on the last two books in the Fire and Ice Series, and with a burning need to get the stories out, I’ve gone in and out of the cave quite often.

Mia Fisher, one of the founding partners grew up on a farm in a small town and she is returning there for some respite. She’s exhausted from running both the firm and her home and needs time to breathe. She also wants to get back to riding, something that’s always been a passion of hers.

Horses have always intrigued me, their beauty, power and strength and I’m lucky I’ve had the opportunity to watch them in motion. There’s a horse farm in my family and the lush landscape and the greenery holds a bit of magic. It’s been nice to tap into the memories there and I’m glad Mia pulled me in that direction.

Heart on Fire, the third book in the series is now available. The fourth, Heart of Ice has been edited and is ready for corrections and will be out this fall. The series is almost complete…will be as soon as Tendrils of Ice and Rekindling the Fire are finished.

Then…things are already perking so for as sad as it will be to move on, I’m excited about what’s to come.



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