Good morning:

This has been some week. I’ve been trying to integrate some exercise into my daily life and I haven’t found the rhythm yet. As some things are added, some things are missed.

The teaser this week is from Thin Blue Line, the third book in my Scalera family series which should be on amazon within the month.

It’s the story about Lana, the youngest in the big Italian family, and the man she is trying desperately to keep out of her life. It hasn’t worked out as well as she’d hoped, and now with him recuperating at her parents’ house, it’s harder than ever to ignore the deep feelings he evokes. But she was doing her best…

When she sees him for the first time after the beating he took as an undercover cop, his cover blown…

She seethed with mounting anger.

“Why do you do this?”


“Try to get yourself killed.”

There was a twitch of a smile, but his eyes captured hers and didn’t let go.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet? I do it just to annoy you.”

Scared, pissed that he took it so lightly, she narrowed her eyes dangerously, and she let him know he’d just tipped her scale.

More to come…later.


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