Good morning all:

It’s baseball season…and the sun is finally shining to support it. My team is having a great season so far and I’m having fun watching them.

Today I thought it would be apropos to tease you with an excerpt from my book Thrown for a Curve. It’s about a pitcher who’s finally come back to play for his home team and the woman he can’t seem to forget. It’s a stand alone for now but I’ve been itching to add another, and another until there’s a new series. From what I learned at the conference I went to last week, sports romance is big right now so the time feels right.

Crackerjacks has stopped by Izabella’s house after his game to wish her a happy birthday. A few minutes after she answers his knock at her door…

His eyes locked with hers, and without thought and with no direct command from his brain, his fingers reached out to touch the patch of skin revealed in the button-down nightshirt. He traced a point from her chin, down her neck to the open vee, ending at her breastbone. His body reacted to the simple gesture as if she had stripped naked and began to move sensually to a silent samba beat. He could still see the hips swaying gracefully, her long hair moving with her, tempting him, inciting a fire that raced through his blood. He knew he had to stop now or all thought would be gone. Pausing, waiting for her to step back, to tell him to go home, he held his breath.

What happens next?

I’m not telling so if you want to see how the story unfolds, I guess you’ll just have to buy yourself an eBook copy.





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