…not that I can distinguish between the days of the week, busy at my computer, but today is different. There’s a writer’s conference about thirty miles from my house that I’m attending, something I don’t usually do. There’ll be a crowd of people to mingle with, where I prefer to stay in my cave. Follow routine. Meet my goals.

There’s a couple of things wrong with this sentiment. If you write, you need to observe, pick up on idiosyncrasies, modes of dress, facial features, listen to life stories, and you can’t do that behind closed doors.

To grow, you need to do things that are uncomfortable, things you fear doing. One of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most common quotes spells it out. Every day you should do one thing you’re afraid to do. It’s easy for me to rest quietly in safety and hard to follow her dictum.

But today I go forth…asking the questions we might all ask when facing the unknown. Will I meet people I can talk to or be left out of the conversation? Will I learn anything at the workshops or is this a waste of my time? Can I promote myself without feeling  inadequate to the task? Will I be overwhelmed by the number of people, the amount of information I hope to take home with me?

I’ll have the answers in just a few hours. I’m hoping I thoroughly enjoy the experience and wish you all a fabulous Friday.



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