And although I could mean the sun, which has been unwilling to show itself here in New England in far too long, I’m talking about Skoli on Ice.  Uploaded a few days ago, I’m excited to see it out there as follow up to Consumed by Fire. The saga of the four women attorneys has been an labor of love. Each one of them stands for the most vulnerable among us with wit, wisdom and some kick ass moves. It takes men of integrity to attract these women warriors and each one finds that soul mate that makes life all the sweeter. Nell and Jack have overcome obstacles created in the past to find their heart’s desire. Cami and Maks have redefined what trust is and figured out how to rebuild it. Em and Nick…well I can’t say quite yet, as their story is yet to come. I’ll give you a hint, though.  They are finally able to move from friendship to the type of love that springs eternal. Heart on Fire, will be out this summer with Jelani’s coming in the fall.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing about strong women and friendships and am cooking up other characters with the same kind of attitude for another series…if there were only more hours in the day…more days in the week…

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