Publication of Skoli on Ice is just a few weeks away now. My editor is beginning to work on Thin Blue Line this weekend and within a month I’ll be sending her Heart on Fire. With the sun peeking out from the clouds, I’m getting a taste of what’s to come. Sunshine always makes things better and it reassures that there are wonderful things around the corner.

I thought I’d give you a sample of Skoli on Ice. I’ll be parceling out passages on this site and on Facebook over the next couple of weeks so there are as many teasers out there as possible, before the roll out.

Camille is about to meet Maks at the safe house he’s living in.

After she climbed out of her car, which she’d parked in one of the slots behind the building, the agent on duty stopped her and asked for ID. Once that was satisfied, she knocked on the back door, announced herself, and waited.

The person that came to the door all but stopped her breath.

The man wasn’t tall, maybe a couple of inches shy of six feet, but he had a muscular build, from what she could tell, with penetrating black eyes in an oval face. There was the beginning of a beard and his hair was on the long side with riotous curls that she envied.

It felt like she’d been hit with a hammer. She didn’t have time to recover from the blow before he was telling her, “Come in.”

His accent was thick, his English passable, his manner surly.

Stay tuned for more to come…


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