Good morning:

Another storm is due in today, the fourth in four weeks, and its dumped over 36″ of snow. Seems like we’re going for a record for March. It’s caused some delays between downed wires and trees, no electricity for a couple of days and cable outages. I’m moving onward slowly, Skoli on Ice being formatted in less than a week. My hope is that its out for publication by the middle of April, if not sooner.

I’ve had a friend read Thin Blue Line, the next one up for editing and although her  critique  was helpful, it was a little disconcerting. I need to go back and take a look at the first sixty pages. She said it dragged and that’s not a good thing. Re-writes are the hardest. You pour a lot of yourself into the novel, and sometimes become married to a thought, concept or foundation, that you can’t see outside that narrow perspective. It’s good to get another opinion, a reader’s opinion, to see where you might have to take out some threads and re-weave the plot. I’ll be working on that for the next couple of days, and hope to be done in time for my date with the editor, this Sunday.

I always want to do right by my characters, give them the story they deserve. Here’s hoping I can get the right hook in place, so you the reader, will want to dig in.

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