Hello all:

We’ve got a blizzard going on. I am sitting at my table writing, and every once and a while I glance out my window to see the snow coming down in restless pursuit of some record set back in the 1800’s. It’s a great day to write and I achieved my two thousand words for the day about an hour ago. It might be time to pick up a book and read someone else’s narrative but the dogs are quiet, sleeping on their beds next to my writing space and I should probably take advantage of it.

The working draft of Heart of Ice, the fourth book of my Fire and Ice series, is more than half-way finished but it’s been slow going. Not because I’m having trouble with the story line but because I can’t seem to find a flow. A couple of days last week without electricity and heat, made it hard to concentrate, a busy weekend with family took me away from the page. My third novel in the Scalera Family series is going to the editor next week, the formatter is ready for Skoli on Ice so there are other diversions that have taken me away from Alec and Jelani.

But I’ll persist.

There’s another storm lurking around the corner, that might hit by Tuesday next week. I’ll have plenty of housebound time to get it done.


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