Seems I’ve been negligent about reaching out but I’ve been diligently working on the new series FIRE and ICE for the last several months and it’s hard to pull myself away. With the first book in the series, CONSUMED BY FIRE, available on Kindle I think it’s time to get back to the basics.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit out of touch. The writing life is a solitary one and you can so easily get trapped in the cave you make for yourself. It doesn’t mean I don’t get out and walk the dog, or putter around the kitchen but I haven’t made time for getting out and meeting new people, which is a very important piece to developing characters who live on the page. Part of the problem is the cold that’s embraced my part of the country. It makes staying in, where it’s nice and warm, very appealing.

There’s a conference for the New England Chapter of the RWA (Romance Writer’s Association) that I go back and forth over: should I attend or not? When it comes down to it, I’m beginning to think of my stories more as contemporary women’s lit rather than romance. I don’t follow their guidelines. They’re kind of rigid and take me away from the spirit of the story I want to tell. I found that out with my first book COLD SWEAT. I began to work with an editor who ripped away some of the threads that I felt held the story together. I stopped working with her after that, and felt the freedom to explore a more enhanced version of my character’s lives.

I will be writing more blogs in the months to come and would appreciate any comments or contributions you, my readers, would like to make. I love what I do, but sometimes in the doing, I forget to take my eyes off the manuscript.

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