Over the last couple of months I’ve read two books that had an appendix at the back where the author listed things they liked.
It gave the reader a sense of who the author was, which was meant to enhance the reading experience.
I thought it might be fun to follow suit, beginning a list today and adding to it ever couple of days thereafter. It will get me back to the page and you’ll get to know me better.

Things I like

coffee or dinner with friends
walking my dog
hanging with my grandchildren
eating dip and crackers with the youngest
getting up early
wearing comfortable clothes, like jeans, tees and sneakers
learning new things
60’s music

To add to the last mention, 60’s music, here’s a short story
I reached out recently to a friend from college and we went for lunch. I told her I’m going to see Graham Nash this summer and we laughed over memory of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 8-track we wore out. Literally. The tape was so well played that it wore in spots and I had to buy a new one. Today, I have the CSNY CD although my kids keep trying to get me to put everything on my iPod. I’m resistant.

My favorite songs from that CD (4-Way Street)
Pre-Road Downs
Find the Cost of Freedom

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