…to me, means baseball…

With the first pitch of the season, I thought more and more about the characters in one of my contemporary novels, Thrown for a Curve. Though I was aiming to get my sequel to Cold Sweat out next, I’ve decided to go with the story of the left-handed pitcher, Reid “Crackerjacks” Jackson who’s just been traded to the team he grew up loving, the Boston Greenliners, my fictionalized Red Sox.
There’s a surprise waiting for Jacks at the open house he attends the day before his first game. Izzabella dos Santos, the daughter of his mother’s caretaker, is the agent in charge but she looks nothing like he remembered.
He isn’t sure he likes the transformation.
That small detail doesn’t stop him from offering her a night out with his charming self, but he’s thrown for a curve. She declines…and the game is on.
Will he strike out…or will he hit a homerun?
Only time will tell…

I’m hoping to get this one out in the next couple of months.
I’ll keep you posted.


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