Yesterday I had lunch with some of my cousins, and aunt and my daughter. We try to get together every few months, something we’d promised we’d do but never got around to until this year. It’s fun being with people you grew up with, get along with and who make you laugh.

There is one in particular who has followed my writing journal since my book was published, a cousin who I remember playing a grand piano in my grandmother’s house oh so many years ago. She still has the piano at her condo and it looks grand in her living room. She’s had some mishaps that have caused problems with her shoulder so she hasn’t been able to play like she used to.

Yesterday she told me she read the book and that I had nailed the musical piece. My heroine is a classical virtuoso who’s lost her music and I’m glad I was able to describe the emotion, the kind of soul it takes to play like that. My cousin said the story inspired her to go back to the piano and she’s been practicing again.  It was a little bit of feel good and it humbled me.

Just when I think the writing benefits me alone, I’m reminded that certain stories touch everyone. It lifted my spirit and I am determined to journey on.


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