For my first post, I just thought I’d introduce myself.

Or a facsimile thereof.

I go by the name Faith O’Shea. I’m a retired grandmother who has spent my whole life creating stories. I never planned on publishing but after a few arm twists, my friends and family got me to give in and get it done.

My first eBook Cold Sweat can be purchased on Kindle and I have to check in every once and awhile just to make sure it really happened.

I love to read, play video games, visit my grandchildren, drink iced coffee, walk my dog and I’m a foodie at heart. My jobs have included banking, real estate, and teaching and have brought many of my experiences to the pages of my books.

I am curious by nature and love the research part of any book I write. I’ve learned about long distance trucking for my heroine in A Little Bit To Love, Nascar racing for my Monster Series driver Double C and his nemesis mechanic Alexandra in Racer’s Edge. A life time Red Sox fan, I brought my love of the game to my book Thrown by a Curve. A Massachusetts native, I wanted to know about the fishing industry as it went through it’s legal wrangles with the nature protection services for my book Into the Darkness. I am politically active and will be bringing some of my biases to Heart of Ice and Fire and Ice. Some of my characters are Hispanic or Latino like Angelina Silvera in Kissed by an Angel, because I live on the edge of an ethnic community and have always been fascinated with the history of a nearby city.  I have begun the Scalera series which will include five books dealing with the various members of the Scalera family, a big, loud, Italian family which is similar in nature to the one I come from. Well, mine isn’t as big but it was just as loving and loud. Johnny is the hero in Cold Sweat and we meet him again when his sister Marissa joins his summer tour. in Follow the Urge.

I love what I do and every morning I awake with one mission in mind. To get the emotion right, to find the words to support, explain and describe my character’s journeys, to create the kind of characters that have depth and lives well lived.

Through the blogs I will journal my process and my progress, share some poetry, discuss current events and how they impact my life.

I look forward to meeting you along the road.



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